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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  September 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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latest wild fire burning in california officers opened fire on two people and car release him with bullets the driver dies police this could be a major disaster on many fronts no pro referees inside their regular pro football season will start what it means for the game if the replacement referees take the field we begin with developing news in southern california all wild fire in los angeles county has scorched
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3,600 a. the williams fire sparked around in the angeles national forest 1500 people evacuated campgrounds that post up to 12,000 visitors have been cleared. the fire 5% contained. the round-the-clock work on dumbarton bridge is paying off a cut opened earlier than the scheduled 5:00 a.m. tuesday time reporter don knapp has more. it is the weather, the bay bridge crews are used to the cold windy foggy weather this week and it is calm and mild i think that as it helped to get the bridge work done. near-perfect weather helps workers move ahead with seismic work on the dumbarton like last
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time crews take advantage of the close bridge to do other work such as painting a logical fixtures and patching potholes absorbing and do crash absorbent cushion it is going to be open for fast track before that was open only door and car pool hours now will be open for fast track use they are replacing a seismic joint the weekend began vacaville joins out we're preparing for 1000 your earthquake the center span disconnected from the substructure now we can move 42 in. in all directions the project is on schedule the eastern edge of the bridge lifted 5 in. to make way for steel bearings to let the deck move back and forth in an earthquake we are finishing up for that
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will support the plates and tonight we start installing the deck plates that motorists drive over. 61,000 cars a day use the bridge this weekend vehicles are using the san mateo bridge or highway 237. the weekend closure of the dumbarton offers less drama than holiday critical enclosures in the past the bay bridge is the backbone for california but this is important for the south bay. when they close this bridge memorial day weekend they got the bridge done and all but three hours ahead of time not expected have this bridge done before the 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning deadline. will keep people posted. oakland police issued new warnings after two more people robbed while responding to craigslist adds. friday night one person robbed
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at gunpoint another person drops sunday it follows a string of robberies all involving craigslist ads for cars or electronics last week and a married couple was robbed several thousand dollars during a prearrange test drive. police in vallejo criticized after the shooting death of a young man two officers fired dozens of shots at two men sitting in a car elissa harrington tells us officers cited driver had a gun. were the third shots fired by two officers my kids never experienced this it began about 4:00 a.m. when police spotted a car with two people inside and officers flashed the spotlight
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at the driver of the spotlight exited the car, officers noticed the had a handgun in his waistband what they thought was a waste man the person then spun around and crouch with a gun in his hand he put his hands in the air and then he put his hands down and dove into the car they started shooting again the got on the hood of the car and fire down into the rough the driver was identified as 23 year-old mario romero died a passenger hit by shrapnel. and their soft palate done and ecstasy was found. friends of romero protested outside the police department they'll have to kill everybody police officer say in the darkness they had no way of knowing it was a replica done.
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they address the threat as deadly we just know when officers approached him in an area known for getting activity early morning hours he decided to get at of the car and reach for handgun and a turnaround police say the manner on felony probation both officers have been put on paid leave pending investigation. elissa harrington cbs 5 prayer vigil held today for san jose firefighter who collapsed while battling a church fire 41 year-old frank ryan suffered a heart attack on thursday while fighting a fire inside st. patrick's cathedral this afternoon friends and family gathered at the school at the church firefighters of been at his bedside since the incident. he remains in critical condition. thousands of fans filled the streets of petaluma a parade to
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honor the little leaguers submitted to world series mike sugerman introduces us to the players and the town beaming with pride. the stuff you think about before none in off to sleep. operating your honor in your home town with everyone cheering you on this was no dream, the last in a run of the events in a dream stretch of baseball and civic pride this is amazing and wonderful before this people have not heard of petaluma now everybody knows what what would petaluma is petaluma is the eighth capital of united states has signified by the a cake canyon in the city in tennessee that beat petaluma, probably not. it has put the city and these kids on the map it is cool to see him on tv
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and stuff it is pretty heady stuff for a 12 or 13 year-old. at the ever done a tv interview before yes but before two weeks ago? no. you can't explain that it means the world to me to have all these fans and these people here for me you are 12 or 13 and all this people cheer for you tomorrow you go back to school you have homework to. does it help you out with the girls? no. we'er back to the sibling squabbles and all that just another day the next they sell the moments are greg i'll get there remember the moment.
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fame as fleeting as the confetti that blew upon them today. mike sugerman cbs 5 issue of labor unrest with nfl officials as many football fans on edge the league says it may have to use replacement rest during the opening games reporter tony guyana throws the penalty flag on that strategy a replacement refereed botching a call in an nfl preseason game between giants and patriots. we have the legal shift by the kicking team ... after the cake the other rev says on both teams it may just be a blooper in the game that does not count. but the last time these two teams met was the super bowl. the dams that do count begin
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wednesday and the nfl is determined to use the san referees this can get ugly quickly football analyst boomer as eyes and believes the stature of the star players may overwhelm the officials borrowed from college football. is the official as afraid to throw the flag or feels intimidated by a player this could be a major disaster on many fronts. the nfl lockout the rest of the contract expired three months later there spend little negotiation and no progress. it appears to be a take-it- or-leave-it approach with logged out strategy referees association is a veteran of 21 years as an nfl official his men want the same wage and benefits tied in the
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last contract six years ago. from a league whose profits are up 50% are they telling us our value not the same as 2006 from the nfl on with this statement saying no furthers talks are scheduled we proceed with the replacement officials. the season opens wednesday night in new jersey giants vs. the cowboys. forget tinker toys will take a look at generation apple and the tech toys that have become the new building blocks for kids. as if going to the movies not expensive enough will expand the chain of events okay, here's the plan.
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the kick out protest that of the democratic convention targets the practices of big business. only a fraction organizers were expecting free of any mayhem, on the one arrest was made charlotte is the home of several fortune five funded companies including that united states second largest bank, bank of america. 35,000 people expected to attend the convention. organizers welcome guests with a free labor day party danielle nottingham tells us democrats will talk up their candidate. with choppers in the air and security on the ground charlotte is ready for the democrats days
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after mitt romney and she'll be put on the show in tampa democrats are ready for the spotlight. president obama needs to continue what he's been saying which is the truth the romney campaign disagrees. next week in charlotte the president needs to explain why he did not do what he said he would do. florin a delegate steve hackney says democrats must work harder this year news state idealize may keep minority voters away from the polls. , to see him do everything possible to get the vote out and make sure it is there president obama 1 north carolina and 2008 and the democrats brought the convention to charlotte to help them hold on to the state, president is making his way here through swing states he appealed to students at university of colorado's sunday.
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not on some doors with me and make phone calls with me if you're willing to vote for me we will win boulder and when colorado will win the election. hundreds of protesters took to the charlotte street sunday but the march was focused on big banks than the president. danielle nottingham cbs news maybe you felt a warm up under way brian hackney has the forecast. a pleasant sunday evening after a pleasant sunday things warmed up with numbers up to 22 degrees warmer than yesterday warm again for labor day: off by mid-week. the numbers will take a tumble tuesday and wednesday. the low pressure moves into indiana, it triggers showers and
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thundershowers in middle half of the u.s. they need the rain. we have low pressure from the gulf of alaska high-pressure builds in, we will have another warm day tomorrow. labor did a is good, we have fog and low clouds along the shoreline. 87 santa rosa, 92 livermore, 72 pacific up. 66 in san francisco. oakland 76. overcast close to the ocean and 62 degrees inland, let's review future cast. low pressure over the gulf allow the a marine layer to expand, it pushed through toward evening with high-pressure building they should compress the marine
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layer if you're heading out of the bay area 95 at sacramento and 99 at fresno. at the airport things the good tomorrow, 4 los angeles partly cloudy ringing in denver chicago partly cloudy thunderstorms in new york. overnight tonight mostly in the '50s. 55 that livermore, in the south bay phone number stop out and '80s tomorrow '90s at morgan hill. east bay 97 brentwood 97 livermore. santa rosa 85. 61 at bodega bay. 79 at sausalito. tuesday we begin to cool down, wednesday thursday friday we manage mid-80s inland and the
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next weekend warm up again. new generation getting a high-tech makeover some kids exposed to new tech gadgets some as young as three or four. some are asking is it a good thing. reporter priyah clemens without one tech company caters products to children for michael garner this is not played time these under surveillance several cameras and monitors and team of researchers applaud his every move. kids are hard wired to learn and she manages the learning team at leapfrog a maker of high-tech educational toys. do you think kids are learning faster and better? i think kids learn best when they're engaged in having fun. it is not just the
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technology getting more sophisticated it's that kids younger and younger seem to be mastering it. it is amazing we've seen videos of infants wiping the i phone they add that to technology quickly to quickly assess this child psychologist the more they play on devices the last time they are outside and socializing with other kids and parents that is crucial for a kid. technology part of a balanced diet still take the kids at side to the park and civic and interact with other kids leapfrog it was an age limit on its lead pad 3 and up and. the ceo cautions the parents should not push you do not want to frustrate the child because you're asking it to do what it cannot do, that is not winning michael's dad works on
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computers all daylong he says it comes down to responsibility. technology not going away so it is like learned cannot abuse it to take advantage of that. as adults debate would kids should and should not be doing michael was having fun. priyah clemens cbs news. fears about michael jackson's mental and physical health leading up to his death what was said in e-mail's from jackson's mental and physical health leading up to his death what was said in e-mail's from concert promoters.
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people went to the movies this weekend to get scared the possession debuted at no. 1 ringing in $18 million. lawless debuted at a distance second running out top five expendables 2, born legacy and
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para norman. the like your movie popcorn with butter and salt may be paying more money for it. drop in the midwest has reveled popcorn stocks some call it the worst they have seen popcorn buyers have been stocking for months but prices have jumped dramatically. pricing out a lot of mom-and-pop shops. vendors of gone to south america to fulfill demand. how did shape and possibly high on drugs or alcohol and consumed with self doubt that is up promoters of michael jackson's " this is it a " tort described him in weeks before he died descriptions contained in e- mail's obtained by a los angeles times. one executive of aeg described jackson as an emotionally
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paralyzed mass they're also concerned the 50 show tour would be an expensive bust. the messages will likely play a role in a lawsuit likely to go to trial this year. giants at look to and their road trip and a victory against the cubs and can be a stay hot against i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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goddess opera update earthquakes went 4-0 let's start the clock. brandon inge is season over yesterday against boston oakland
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leads 3-0. he got help from defense, a base hit left field one run home, you and the suspect is up with the gun. a's win 6-2. big daddy kane struggled verses the cubs. alfonzo soriano 25th home run cubs lead 5-3. giants' battle back. angel pagan base hit. here comes the throw, giants win 7-5. andy roddick syrah last a couple more days he wins today in four sets in third round of u.s. open. his next match. and don nelson must c t v at 1130. he sat down and talk to you
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